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Wellness Assistance Programme

Blossoming Season, creating a healthy space for people to express themselves freely and get to the root cause of any troubles or adversity they are facing. Using various forms of emotional release and practical tools. You'll be left feeling more whole, clear, strong and safe.

Strategy & Implementation:

We provide a clear strategy for implementing wellness into the organisation. Segenting Staff from C-Suite, Middle Management and Junior Staff needs. Understanding the true needs of staff to create a shift in work culture and processes.

HR / Learning and Development:

HR and Learning and Development staff are currently reviewing wellness even more so during these unprecedented times. Whilst traditional counselling is great for many members of your teams, offering alternative well-being has come to the forefront of helping staff become more whole, grounded and stable mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Companies such as PWC, EY and Salesforce are just a few moving into have well-being coaches available for their staff. Universities are now also at the forefront of the news to help support staff and students.

Why is this so important?

 Everyone is different and therefore providing alternative therapy allows your staff to meet a part of themselves they may not have done before and also reinforces corporate social responsibility to support staff from all beliefs. Yet studies convey not everyone works well with talking and this is where intuitive healing, dance/movement therapy help to release stress and barriers. Unearthing distress is the most powerful and healing thing we can do for ourselves.

What are the benefits of alternative therapy

Alternative therapy provides a different outlet for staff which is more personal, provides a level of intimacy and surety to get to the root cause of their difficulty, By moving from just the concious mind and creating new pathways in the suboncous mind where are habits and beliefs are embedded. Not everyone works well with traditional therapy or simply need a combination to get to the transformative outcome. With more studies conveying the importance of this. It is even more important than ever to support each other in the best ways possible.

HR/Learning and Development:

  • Areas which may be more sensitive for staff to express:
  • Money, Stress and Relationship issues can create issues
  • Low Self-Confidence, low Self -esteem, Social anxiety
  • Menapausal changes both in Men and Women. Men often go overlooked however we do cover the man pause too or Irritable Male Syndrome.


Men's Emotional Well-being

We help men solve their uncertainity, confidence, emotions mentally and provide robust tools to reprogram their mindset to have long-term happiness.

Male emotional well-being is often overlooked based on the stereotypes that they must have it together all the time. Men are often less likely to express stress, mental health concerns due to feeling embarassed or deamed as feminine.


I work with men to give them in-depth understanding of where these feeling are stemming from. The support to anchor their emotions and sense of self so they are not only rebuilding and finding themselves. They can now make better informed decisions in both the personal and professional life.


Therefore I create a mastermind group sessions for male manager with 1-1 sessions available.

The mastermind cover the following:

  • Self- confidence
  • Removing negative self talk
  • Understanding how to manage their emotions and potential Irritable man syndrome
  • Create more strategic decisions by the use of logic and intuition
  • Creating alignment within for better results and happiness

Services provided

We provide the following for all staff with extra support for students, c-suite and management.

  • 1-1 coaching for clarity
  • Live group journaling sessions weekly
  • Effective emotional leadership (self awareness in decision making)
  • weekly booster newsletters
  • Self confidence and self esteem coaching
  • Emotional Intuitive healing
  • Email Support

Service Options

Each package is bespoke to each company as this allows us to tailor for your Management needs as well as the wider team.

Alternative wellness combined with emotional intuitive healing for your staff provides you with an peace of mind that they are accessing someone personal, who becomes a familiar not just a call centre with no true connection.

 Staff courses can be purchased individually with the option for them to have a an 8 month payment plan to allow all staff an opportunity to enjoy the course with your company discount.


As it is so specialised and intimate we recommend no more than 30 people per course in take.It is important for us to ensure every member staff regardless of pay has access to the course.


We have also ensured that there have been provisions made for men and women from the BAME community to ensure they are also immerse themselves easily into the course.

 Corporate programmes include:

 Programmes are for 12 months packed into a monthly company subscription.


  • Affirmations and Stress relief
  • Self-Love & Work efficiency
  • Journaling For Peace of mind and focus
  • Emotional Leadership
  • Overcoming Negative Self Talk (New Course)

How it Works

  We have 5 stages 

 1 The initial awareness of ones self and emotions

 2. We speak and gain clarity of the inner child and blockages occurring

 3. We begin to start practicing methodologies to move their daily habits and energy into a space conducive for their growth

 4. We are here. To listen, provide solutions, for each individual.

 This isn't a one size fits all it is personal to you. What are your fears? What are your stresses? How are you feeling?

 5. Where the magic happens, the emotional intuitive healing that may also come with channeling energy, visions and working on the subconscious mind.

 Dependent on staff roles we create a deep dive session for management who truly need the extra support with the ever changing world and uncertainty we are living in.

Why you should contact us to discover more

ue to the Covid-19 pandemic we are providing companies with a reassurance of services.

We are currently providing HR Managers with a free 30 minutes session with Dana Taylor to truly get to understand the way in which this works.

 All we ask is you are open-minded, embrace your vulnerability and get excited even if you feel nervous to discover parts of yourself.

 Let's get positive, uplifted and excited about life again!