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Cups of Self Love

Welcome to Cups of Self Love 

Where we take you on a journey to dive deep into your ability to love and accept who you are, There is nothing better than being able to create inner peace and show yourself the love you truly deserve. 

So the question is are you ready to be the person who shows up for themselves and says I am ready to love myself than before? I'm tired of the busy life I lead serving others and not knowing how to truly serve and provide myself with wonderful self-care. 

    The Good-morning transformation course

  • Your journey is our journey let us support you from the garden that needs watering…
  • You feel like you don’t know where to begin to get things on track.
  • Every time you try and stick with a new routine or habit it falls to the waste side and you feel defeated.
  • You blame past relationships with friends and family- why you’re in this position.

        You suppress trauma and just get on with the day until it raises its head and you can’t understand why you keep having these ups and downs. There just isn’t enough time for me and I am too old, I’ve missed my chance (does this sound familiar?)

There's more so much more we do!

Comparing your life to others and wishing you could have what they have. Everyone suggests a self-help book yet you know this is deeper than that, it’s a soul connection that needs to fit into place. You are hard on yourself and this raises up anxiety, fear, jealousy, anger, and sadness. There is loneliness and wanting to grow but you feel you can’t get there without breaking and having nobody to catch you when you fall. Stressed due to work, debt, grief, so busy you don’t even eat as well as you know you should.

                 Tears that you cannot explain, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem The motivation to do something just isn’t there because you can find your purpose in life. I could go on my lovely I bet you can too and this is why I’ve created this connection course. Because it is about reconnecting with our higher self tohaving an amazing Good Morning Wake Up Call. Clear out anything that may block us.The first 5 seconds start to set the tone of our thoughts and day sostart yours right and together we are going to transition over..

To Blossoming Season:

Creating a future based on your OWN principles and values. Kick your ego into touch and allow yourself to be motivated through your healing and high vibration. 

Manage your time so YOU get the best out of your life and each day. You’ll have the tools to regulate your emotions through clean eating, mental hygiene, and spiritual cleansing techniques

It is time for you to bloom!

You will be your own breakthrough coach – the journey never ends yet you will walk away knowing how to rip off the bandages and heal wounds properly with mother nature.

You will be a force to reckon with who knows how to move through feelings of shame, guilt, anger, jealousy and so much more to create anything and everything YOU DESIRE! 

So let me take you on your educational journey through intuitive healing and clearing. Let me guide you through 66 days with yourself to harness your power, efficiency, compassion, boldness, confidence and so much more.

it is time for you to bloom:

WE WILL rip off any bandages or stitches you’ve used to support wounds and barriers. Yes, I will leave you with amazing tools for you to keep forever so you have your safe space to regroup if you need too.

 Yet we will learn WHY you react to those feelings, where the energy is coming from that feeds these barriers. Then… unearth the power that resides in you to be so much MORE! We will deep dive into the things you didn’t know you didn’t know.

The course outline:

  • Self-Love
  • Self- Confidence
  • Self-Actualization
  • Self-Discipline
  • Self-Empowerment with emotional intelligence



Self - Love module

How do you love yourself? are you tired of not being fulfilled? A lack of true inner peace and happiness. we will explore where your hidden inhibitions are, strengths, weaknesses. How to love yourself. Through various techniques.


Something so many of us wants more of, whether that is body hang ups, public speaking, feeling comfortable in your own skin, and simply understanding your authentic self with complete acceptance.

It is time to get rid of that little voice that speaks all the negativity to block you from becoming who you really are. Getting that new job, wearing that new outfit, going for the right partner. It all comes down to confidence.

 Let's take this journey together.


 The moment when fulfilment has no boundaries, here we are going to explore not only your physical however your spiritual connection to what truly fulfils you. unearthing the layers of your self-esteem which is different to self-confidence, your true connection to love and belonging.Here we are going to raise your vibration and find your purpose.


 We can peel the layers back of your soul and get your energy vibrating higher yet we need this to be sustainable and here we will be embedding discipline.

 Provide the tools for you to remove those habits that hinder your growth!


Tapping into your subconscious mind to create new habits and a robust belief system so you maintain your self-love, self-confidence, self-empowerment, and self-esteem.

 Self-Empowerment Through Emotional Intelligence

This is the biggy! Here is where you'll leave the course from being triggered easily, anxious, lacking confidence and true self-love to being totally fulfilled. Living your life abundantly. I will be here every step of the way to dig down and find your triggers, heal your wounds, whether that is from childhood, adulthood we are going to understand your thoughts, change your beliefs, get to the root of your fears and emotions. 

Here is where my gift of energy and intuitive healing will go into overdrive. When we are finished you'll know how to self-coach, empower yourself, understand your purpose and get ready for the new you that has been waiting to blossom! I cannot wait to meet the new you, can you?